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Baker Toolkit 2.0

It's a toolkit to speed up your workflow automating the most repetitive tasks, like link or bake a roto to a tracker.

- Link Tracker to Roto: just create a Roto node linked to selected Tracker.

shortcut: 'none'

- Bake Tracker to Roto: bake translate, rotate and scale to the root of a Roto Node and add a button to control the reference frame direct on Roto node.

shortcut: 'F2'

- Link Tracker to Transform: create a Transform linked to the Tracker. I know, it's easy to do this directly on the Tracker node, but you can assign a shortcut to this function. So I did this tool.

shortcut: 'none'

- Bake Tracker to Transform: again, just a shortcut to speed up the process of bake all transformation of a Tracker in match-move mode, with a reference frame control.

shortcut: 'F3'

- Bake CornerPin to Tracker: Bake the CornerPin points into a Tracker with 4 tracks. After this you can run the other tools to get other nodes.

shortcut: 'shift + c'

- Stabilization Kit from CornerPin (Victor Perez style): I learned this thecnique on Victor Perez's course Painting and Reconstruction Techniques with NUKE X, this tool it's just to speed up the workflow. You will get a CornerPin to stabilize and a Reverse CornerPin to do the match-move.

shortcut: 'alt+c'

- Mark all tracks on Tracker: this tool will mark/ unmark the selected properties box in all tracks in a Tracker node. This toos is available outside of this toolbox, you can read it here.

shortcut: 'alt + shift + c'

* This tool is my adaptation from Isaac Spiegel's script (you can find it here)

Download here.

To install, just edit your with this text:

import Baker_ToolKit

and copy the to your .nuke folder.

You can find your .nuke folder at:

Linux: /home/login name/.nuke

macOS: /Users/login name/.nuke

Windows: drive letter:\Users\user name\.nuke

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