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As you must have read somewhere on this website, my name is Luciano Cequinel, and, well, yes, I am a visual effects compositor.
I have been working in audiovisual field since 2004, and during this time I worked in TV stations, online education, institutional and advertising films, virtual reality, and finally I got to entertainment.

I played with many tools: Premiere, Final Cut, 3D Max, Maya, Cinema4D, After Effects, PFTrack, Mocha, and the day I met Nuke my mind exploded.

Since 2014 I'm dedicating my time learning Nuke, and for the past 5 years I have been working exclusively with composition, leaving behind motion design, a function that highlighted me in the market and sustained me for long time.
​I started my learning path with Magno Borgo, and after that I followed all online courses, like FxPhd, the deceased Digital Tutors, CMIVFX and many others. In this meantime, I got certified as an official NukeX instructor, a diploma signed by the Foundry and FXPhd partnership.
​In high school I studied lots of programming languages, like Pascal, Cobol, Visual Basic, a little bit of C++, Delphi, etc. On past months I'm using and adapting this knowledge to learn Python, building some tools to improve my workflow and optimize my working time.

After high school I decided to learn accoustic classic guitar and music theory. Three years unplugged, only me and my accoustic guitar playing Bach, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Fernando Sor.

Creativity and technique balanced to make my work better and faster as a Visual Effects Compositor.
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